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Tags: Adventure Faction PvP Roleplay Survival Vanilla

Kingdoms SMP is a Minecraft factions server! You can create your own Kingdom, invite your friends to it and try to be the best Kingdom in the whole server! You can also create your own roleplaying card so that other players can look you up with a simple command. We offer a lot of custom made weapons to make the game better. If you own a Kingdom you can claim land, create towns, give out roles to other players and really get in to roleplay! There is no rules in game. That means it is allowed to grief and steal but the only thing that is not allowed to do is to destroy other builds or exploding them because I think we all invest a lot of time in building and it would be bad if it gets destroyed :) The server is actually a pretty big server so you do not have to worry about it lagging or closing. The server is 24/7 on and all the players on the server are really cool and kind. If you read this I am really looking forward to seeing you in the server! For all the information you can just join the discord or dm me private and Ill explain it to you if you do not understand it. Also there is no whitelist anymore. Here is my DC (JuicyPG#6080). Hope I see you there! :) Btw if the ip does not work here is another one TheJuicySmp.mcpe.network

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