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Adventure World - Survival | Java | 1.19.4

Are you thinking of playing some Minecraft, but need a server where you won't get bored after a short time?
AW only runs Survival with more things to achieve, so Minecraft is not just Minecraft, but Minecraft with more.

The server contains these things:
- Claiming (GUI Based)
- Economy System (Shop, Point shop, Token shop, Entropy shop, Jobs, Bank Notes)
- Special Crates (Vote Crate, Spawner Crate and other Crates)
- Bosses
- Custom mobs (Over 20 different mobs in each world)
- Custom structures in the overworld, nether and the end
- Custom Items (Such as Lucky blocks, Mystery Boxes, Deluxe Mystery Boxes)
- Over 1000 Quests
- Pets (Catch wild mobs that can become your pet)
- Upgradeable Spawners
- Skill System (Over 50 skills)
- Many new enchantments (X-Ray, Dynamite, Veinminer, Telekinesis)
- Backpack
- Angelchest that saves your stuff if you die
- Chest sorting, Chest Dump, Automatic change of Tools (Can be turned on or off)
- 30 Ranks obtainable in-game

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