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Netherite armor, full enchantments, axes that one hit every mob... Doesn't Minecraft feel a bit too... easy? Not to mention how many P2W servers are out there, which only make the game easier if you open your wallet...

NO MERCY MINECRAFT puts the fear back in the night. Semi-vanilla with a twist. Hard mode wasn't enough to satisfy us - so, all mobs have double health and double damage [with some exceptions]. Zombies have better armor than you. Piglins will one shot through full iron armor. Oh, and you can't just sleep the night away [Phantoms are removed though]. Prepare to die.

NMM already has an active community despite being opened very recently. NMM is moderated by veterans in Minecraft server creation and management who strive to operate with integrity [and without favoritism]. In addition, we aim to keep the server as lightweight as possible. No bloated, unnecessary plugins that destroy TPS. No huge list of unnecessary commands. And of course, only the best hardware on a dedicated server.

As a team, we are committed to keeping the survival experience free of game-breaking kits. The server is not intended to turn a profit off of donations - we only hope to make server costs each month. We simply love multiplayer Minecraft, and wish to provide a fun experience for everyone to enjoy.

Come and join our quickly growing community!

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