Lanka Survival Multiplayer - LKSMP

Tags: Skyblock Survival Vanilla

A peaceful place for you and your friends to have fun and vibe

Survival Server
*Land claims
*Gps + Coordinates book 
*Custome skins
*Monthly VIP Crates 
*Difficulty Hard
and more…

SkyBlock Server
*island challenges – competent, expert, advanced, elite
*island team – team up with 7 players
*island biomes – ocean,plains,desert,forest,cold tundra,jungle,savanna,warm ocean,flower forest
*island upgrade /is upgrade
*island generators /is generator
*player shop /ah
*server shop /warp shop
and more…

Web Store:
Server Rules:

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  • 1/100 Players
  • 1.20.2 Version
  • 98.1% Uptime
  • 16 hours Last Ping
  • 183 Votes

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