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Hey guys!

This project is huge and fun! Made just for you.

Our server has custom made bosses with really cool loot. we have bosses ranging from very easy... to THE MOST EVIL! We are not pay to play, all donator ranks get COSMETICS perks only. Everyone has equal access to everything.

When entering our server, you will be delighted to see a old school, beautiful spawn. none of this insane over the top builds. Its simple. We have 4 main directions in the spawns town: Exploring the main world, Information zone, Grind world where you can harvest all you need and the boss lair. You will find old school shops where you can trade items with NPC (we have no money economy).You will also find quests and NPC who can upgrade boss drop items.

We have added Extreme Nether and Extreme End worlds. This means that everything in there spawns stronger, so so strong! Lucky for you, there is still the normal nether and end to visit, so you don't have to cry to sleep tonight! To access the extreme nether, you must first defeat the boss named "The Revenant"!

We are a adult humoured server, having a blast with everyone and always creating new ideas!

So come down and join! You just need your vanilla client on the latest version. Optifine is optional.

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