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=======SMP 1.17.1=======
This is a Free-build survival world. Its just regular survival without the worry of ones builds and hard work being tampered with. We are a heavily builder oriented server, so there is many quality of life plugins such as veinminer and TimeVote. The servers community is also another selling point of this server as it is a wide variety of people you are welcome to join! Staff is always willing to help players when they are asked. We do not hire players with short temper or not so caring attitude. We are a Building server. There are player who like to pvp, but thats your choice! If you have any questions regarding the server and the community, You may ask anyone with a blue name Moderators or a red name Admins! Take your time exploring the server and seeing the massive amount of builds from these past 8 months of over 1000 people joining! Started on September 2nd 2020, This server has amassed 1000 unique Players and over 100+ Builds within the first 1000 blocks of spawn! What started out as a server for the owner and his group of friends has grown enormously from the servers initial release. We made it our goal to keep the server running as long as possible and keep the world expanding with player made builds as Vanilla as possible.

You can build at spawn! but if you perfer to go far away you may travel by nether
highways and sky high ways at spawn!

Staff is Here to help you! Feel free to ask them to help you and they
will be more than happy to :.

[ We are still a small survival server! if you join and nobody is on,
Just go build a house and you will eventually catch us! :D]

!!!! THE RULES !!!!
No Grief= no adding or defacing other players builds.
No Spam= No Flooding chat
No Cheats= No Hacking, x-raying, or any other non vanilla
Hacked clients.

Plugins installed on server: WorldEdit, Prism, PermmisionsEX, Timber, Silkspawners, Serverspawns, Joinmessages, Dropheads, Ultimatehomes

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  • 1/100 Players
  • 1.17.1 Version
  • 93.2% Uptime
  • 2 hours Last Ping
  • 1 Votes

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