Voloron Network

Tags: Creative Economy PvP Roleplay Spigot Survival Towny

Avatar Bending Network where every server has bending.

Hub: Creative where you're able to have a chance to become a builder for the server! Also our landing server for all players when they join the network! Complete with a menu system to access things such as our server website, discord, and much more! - This menu is custom for all servers.

Towny: Create a town get a job and go to wars with others to force them into your nation and pillage them!

Arenas: Where we have bending kits, bending mob arenas, normal bending arenas and more! Come on and kick some butt with our amazing abilities!

Minigames: Where we have a bunch of games in a gui, Bedwars for bending, building competitions, and much more!

RPG: Where you'll be able to experience the world of avatar like never before! Go on quests from people you may recognize from the shows, gain access to new abilities, even gain access to new elements!

Special perks for VIP's as well as Twitch/Youtube Streamers!

So, come join us on Voloron Network we'll be waiting.

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  • 1.16 Version
  • 81.5% Uptime
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