Cherry Blossom SMP

Minecraft Server

Tags: Economy Mcmmo PvE Survival Towny

🌸 Cherry Blossom 🌸 was created to give players a feeling of progression and accomplishment while staying simple and close to vanilla, offering a variety of plugins that enhance the minecraft experience such as /sethome, /tpa, /rtp, chest/door locks, and /rest. We have constant updates and active staff!Simple and effective spawn! You wont find a massive useless spawn city that contains a few rule signs.
NEWEST UPDATE: Board games! Come play chess, checkers, uno, tictactoe, connectfour, and more!
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Version: 1.17.1

Founded 8-01-21
CoreProtect Anti-Grief : Can't afford a town yet? Don't worry! Griefing is not allowed, and if it happens we can roll it back!

NO PAY-TO-WIN. EVER: Only EULA friendly donation options. We will never sell keys for loot crates, they are only obtained through gameplay or trading.

Ranks: Spend your hard earned in-game money to rank up and unlock new pets and permissions such as more locks, sethomes, /back, /workbench, /anvil, /enderchest, /condense, /nick, /fly and more!

Grave system: If you die your inventory and levels will be stored in a little gravestone for 1 hour and even tell you the coordinates in chat.

Unique Custom Items and Crates: Obtain various keys that open loot crates just by playing! These keys are ONLY obtained through gameplay and never sold in the donor shop. These crates reward you with gear unobtainable anywhere else!

mcMMO: Progress your character and level up just by playing.

Server shop: Sell items to the general store to make quick money.

Towny: Rank up to knight to be able to purchase and manage your own town.

Player shops: Baron rank can buy their own display shops. Set up a market in your own town!

Player economy: Buy and sell items to other players with ease using the /auctionhouse.

Money from mobs: Kill mobs and animals to earn money.Come give us a try!

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  • 2/150 Players
  • 1.17.1 Version
  • 99.7% Uptime
  • 7 hours Last Ping
  • 101 Votes

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