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Minecraft, as it was meant to be!

SimplyMC takes it back a notch. No endlessly confusing plugins, complicated mods or pointless recruitment process here! Just join n' play.
The server is run entirely on a trust basis with a very "hands-off" administrative approach. The server is what the community make of it.

Rules? Yeah... We're not a fan of them either. Don't worry, we have only 3.
1. Behave as an adult.
2. No griefing.
3. No Hacked/Modded Clients

If you're here to troll, abuse others and generally interrupt others enjoyment then you're not welcome! All players have access to powerful "Core Protect" logging to find out who broke what blocks and who took what from which chests/dispenser/droppers/etc! Just type "/co i" to enable/disable this inspector mode. Be it mass griefing or petty theft of a few items, it's not okay and you will be removed and your damage rolled back. Whilst basic graphic enhancement mods are fine (ie. Optifine, Shaders, etc.), "Hacked" clients or any mods that provide an advantage over others aren't permitted.

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  • 1.17.1 Version
  • 98.6% Uptime
  • 6 days Last Ping
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