Pixelmon: Amethyst Isles

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Our hero begins their journey in Opal town. You moved from (Region of choose) to the Amethyst isles: Opal town.

You miss the big city, and mad at your parents for making you move right before your 10th birthday. Your professor and you got along really well and could not wait to pick your first Pokemon and start your journey.. However, you do love how there are so many new and different Pokemon here than back in (Region here). Opal town seems small, and boring, a lot of old people live here, the poke shop is tiny, and they don't even have a pokecenter...

You where surprise to see a professor was living in Opal town however. Was no surprise he was ancient like the rest of the people in this town... But what was a surprise is how he seem to instantly hate you and want nothing to do with you. He wouldn't even talk about pokemon to start with on your 10th birthday in a few months..

You just sat in your room most days... Maybe our parents would give us a pokemon? Maybe they would send you back to (Region here) so you can continue your dream? Who are we kidding... They spent everything to move here, how would they send us back to (Region)....
A week before your 10th birthday, a bunch of Chancey help carry The Professor back to his lab. He was put on bed rest and not allowed to leave the lab for at-lest a year... I guess something happen? Must have been really nasty if he is stuck for a year...

Then it happen... On your 10th birthday, at the crack of dawn; Professor Abuelo calls you. Mom isn't even awake! He wants you down at his lab ASAP! Could this be it? Could I be getting my starter!?

The professor was limping around his lab, and seem annoyed to see me... He tells you how when he was studying in the Tauros Forest, he was caught off guard by a mother Tauros. The nurse thinks he has a chance to walk again, but he doesn't think so... 20 breaks in one leg, and close to 30 fractures in the other.... He would be lucky to walk properly ever again.
"[player name here], since I am stuck to my lab, and probably can never travel and finish my research I must take on an assistant... The nurse caught me trying to go to Aquamarine city to find help, and order her chances with a Machoke body guard to take me back here... Your the only thing young enough here in Opal... So I need your help.." He said disgruntle. " Take this pokedex, it will help me. When you scan a pokemon it will gather data on the area it is in and its behavior. I hated these things, but my old collage buddy of mine, Oak, modify it to work easier for me in my state..."

"I would love to help! I have always wanted to be a pokemon trainer! But professor-" He raises his hand and looked extremely annoyed I spoke at all.

" Yes, i know, you need a pokemon. Lucky, i have many pokemon in this lab that would be fitting. Don't get distracted from your goal. You're only getting this dex and pokemon because I need help.."

And so my journey begins.

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