SoFurry Hardcore

Tags: Hardcore Manhunt PvP Survival

SoFurry Hard core is a moderated anarchy server branch of:SoFurry Minecraft is a vanilla minecraft server that strives to bring people close together for some fun, clean minecraft fun. We are a growing network, backed by the popular furry website, Everyone is welcome on our server, furry or not, and we have plenty for people to do; whether you want to work jobs to make money and buy things in player or admin shops, or if you want to level up skills to multiply your ores, the possibilities are endless!About Us:SoFurry Minecraft has been one of the leading furryMinecraft servers for over 8 years now, having started back in early2010 with Alpha. From the beginning, the server has been a popular placefor furs and non-furs alike to play together, and find new friends.Over the years, the version of the server has changed, however the heartof the server has not. We still strive to make SoFurry Minecraft aplace for anyone to play, enjoy, and be happy together, and our staff isno exception!A few of our worlds were famous for being importantstepping stones in our development as a server community. Acheron, oneof the oldest server worlds we have had, was a place where there were nolimits to what you could do, say, or build. This however changed inmore recent iterations of our server worlds, as we are more akin to afamily server, with all of our worlds, chat, and server pg-13compatible.We continue our legacy as new versions push ourexpertise to the limit, making us come up with creative ways to overcomesome of Minecraft's built-in troubles, etc, while still providing asafe, stable, and accepting environment for everyone to enjoy,regardless of age, if you are a member of our community, etc.NOTE: We plan to expand further into the modded minecraft scene by the end of the year, but until then, our vanilla and divine journey servers are more than happy to accept you!NOTE 2: We can now accept Bedrock connections as well!

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