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Welcome to GypsyPvP, a Factions server with older styled play in mind!

  We've structured our server to feel similar to an older, 2014-2015 server but with newer mechanics and plugins in mind!
PvP is set back to the old 1.7-1.8 mechanics, and cannoning has been debuffed so corner pillars/wrap arounds are no longer
necessary for a safe base. We have many economy/casino plugins that provide players access to armor and custom items
that are unique to our server! Come play now and enjoy PvP, raiding, and gambling in a well balanced and fun environment!

  The old meta of grinding for 18 hours a day for a 3 week map just to claim /f top is outdated and frankly, boring! we've crammed as many different minigames and PvP/raid events as we saw feasible in order to create the perfect environment to collect loot, grind out god sets using a list of over 240 custom enchantments, create brand new grinder designs using our over 20 available spawners, find rare Hero Armor/tools by fishing, mining, or killing mobs, raid your enemies, and much more! Come join us today, and start your factions farm so that you can participate in our lottery games, our casino, slot machines, bar gamble drinks, coin flips, and many more casino games!

  Sick of spending days if not WEEKS building a base, just to get split by an OP CANNON in less than 10 minutes???
We've fixed all of that by DISABLING leftshooters and midairs, as well as adding GenBuckets and 3x3x3 pickaxes to
make base building a breeze! No longer are corner pillars and wrap around walls necessary for a safe base - build it
like we used to in 2014 - with just a few wrap around walls and basic defenses!

Farming on a large server can be annoying - but with our Harvester hoe and Sell Wand items, you no longer have to waste hours of your play time going back and forth to warp shop or trying to pick up crops off of the ground. These items allow you to spend more time PvPing, Raiding, and building the best base on the server!

Plugins / Features :
- Factions
- Drop Parties
- Item Crates
- MoneyPouches - Win a random amount of money!
- Trivia Games - Win Crates by answer correctly!
- Sumo Minigames (Knock your opponent out of the ring for rewards!)
- Parkour for better sell rates per-inventory and rare drops!
- Admin bases that respawn weekly, with different levels of difficulty and rewards!
- Custom Enchantments - Create your own unique god set!
- Gen Buckets (Generates a line of blocks for in game $)
- 3x3x3 Pickaxes - Easily mine a base!
- Harvester Hoes - Place items directly in your inv, or sell them automatically! (for a reduced rate)
- Sell wands - sell items by right clicking chests (for a reduced rate)
- Auction House (Auction up to 5 items at a time)
- /coinflip
- /bargames (gamble money in different casino games!)
- SlotMachines
- /Lottery
- MobCoins (Earn tokens from killing mobs!)
- MobArena
- SilkTouch Spawners

- Obsidian Destroyer

- EnderChest Vaults (More Private Vaults!)
- RankVouchers (earn ranks as rare drops)
- Debuffed Cannoning (No Midair, Leftstacking, or AC130)

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