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We're a small community SMP server looking for players and potentially staff in the future. We aim at a casual experience that includes Keep Inventory in the overworld and moving builds across worlds when we need to map reset for major updates. We're also making the discord more than just the Minecraft server and planning on hosting community game nights in other games, for example, Jackbox, Among Us, Codenames, and whatever else people want to play.

Server Ip:

1. Be a good egg
2. No Griefing
3. No Stealing
4. No Hacking
Go to info for rules about PvP

Useful Commands:
/Sethome (x2)

PvP Info:
Allowed with consent in Overworld and Nether.
Allowed without restriction in The End (Except Main Island is a Safe Zone)

Keep Inventory:
ON in Overworld
OFF in The Nether and The End


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  • 1.18 Version
  • 78.7% Uptime
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