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On the bottom you will find the requirements to get online. The server has been remade and bunch of new features and smooth touches have been added.
From the last season of the server I've reused the post system, this time being simpler and the posts being further away (2k blocks apart, instead of 800 from last season).

**Moving through posts:**
There are 2 kind of commands from the post system: tp-related (such as /home) and non-tp-related (such as /setpost). You can only use the tp-related commands standing on a post. To find the closest to you, use /nearestpost, although all commands are explained further on /posthelp.

You may claim land with your golden shovel! The area that you can claim depends on the Claim Blocks (CB's) you own. Everyone gets some blocks for starters, and 90 CB's per hour of playing (if you play less than an hour it still counts), and 150 if you are a collaborator.

Voting the server is a great way to get known, and also a good one to get more CB's. Every vote will give you 65 CB's and 8 to everyone else online!

**Queue system:**
If the server is full, you can always have your queue position reconnecting within 3 minutes, being a collaborator gives you queue priority.

- Forge 1.18.2 (recommended will always work)
- Create 0.5.0c
- Flywheel 0.6.4

**The IP is:** ``


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