Vanilla Teams

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Vanilla Teams is the only server of it's kind. Given that so many people loved HCF back when it was really popular, the owners and developers of VTS decided to go with a 1.16 HCF related server to satisfy the veterans of the community. There are 20 man teams with one ally allowance per team. (There could be up to 80 v 80 team fights given the right time and place!!)

Why should you play VTS?
- Netherite is completely disabled.
- End Crystals and Respawn Anchors, as well as bed bombs, are all disabled on the server.
- There are no claims, meaning that every based you come across is free game to raid and grief!
- There are nether and overworld highways, allowing easier travel for players.
- There are creeper spawners in the end and nether hub to provide easy access to gunpowder, but watch out!! Another team could come in and try to kill your team and take all of the gunpowder. Be ready for a fight at all times!

Along with all of those features, there are many more that give the server the proper Hardcore Factions feels to it. Hop on Vanilla Teams and bring some friends! It's gonna be a wild ride!

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  • 1.16 Version
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