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Hi guys! I am Matt, the owner of OG, and I am here to

give you guys a brief explanation of what our server is about..

I know this is probably cheesy, and many servers/server owners say this, but Island is truly about the players. When you log in, you will see all the staff hard at work helping all the players who have questions, simple or hard. You will see the owner (me) hard at work building, adding new cool features to the server, or also helping players. And you will see players pvping, yelling at each other (in a competitive way), and people throwing items at each other (normally dirt).

Plugins include things such as:
Combat Tag - So players can't force quit during pvp and keep their items
Matt FF - A custom entity manipulating plugin that tracks and checks players to make sure they aren't using hacks such as force field
Factions - (we all know what this)
Matt eZ - A custom plugin that eliminates stone sworders
And various other showy and/or functional plugins!
Additional Notes
Our goal as Island is to provide a nice PVP community like no other. I notice most servers I go on, people bitch wildly and owners abuse. I am not here to abuse, players are not here to bitch.

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