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TavernCraft was first founded by a group of friends who were interested in playing minecraft together in their own private world, where they could customise their own minecraft experience. Overtime, the server was made public to share our work and creation with like-minded players who are looking to join in on the fun. Since then, TavernCraft has gradually grown into a budding community of friendly players who come together to have fun.

Today, TavernCraft is a medieval themed server that currently supports the survival and creative gamemode from 1.8.X to 1.20.X. The staff team has put in immense effort to setup the server, including features like dungeons, leaderboards and events while ensuring things stay friendly and enjoyable for both new and old players alike! Join our close knit community and begin your adventure with us today!

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  • 3/100 Players
  • 1.20.1 Version
  • 94% Uptime
  • 2 hours Last Ping
  • 138 Votes

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