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We are a server dedicated to re-creating an 1.8 OP Factions experience in the current version of Minecraft. Our server features OldCombatMechanics to bring combat in the server back to a pre 1.8 state. Along with this, our server is backwards compatible with all versions of Minecraft down to 1.8! Players can expect other elements from typical old-school factions servers here such as: A balanced Economy, Auctionhouse, playertrade, classic sponge mechanics and classic TNT mechanics! Furthermore we got genbuckets, sand wands, tray pickaxes, upgradeable Harverster Hoe + Mob Sword, Koth, Outpost and many more, that makes your faction base-building and PvP experience much more enjoyable! Join us, and be a part of a new community that takes pride in the ideas that made Factions servers good, fun, and fair!

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  • 1.8.8 Version
  • 63.2% Uptime
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