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We are a server with unique game ideas. we custom-develop all our games with custom plugins. Many Minecraft servers recycle the same ideas over and over and focus on forcing people to vote or paying to win we do neither. we never ask our players to vote, and we won't compromise the integrity of the gaming experience to make a profit (We currently don't even sell anything).

Steal the Crown (Juggernaut)
Every player on the server has a compass that points to the crown player the objective is to chase after the person that has the crown. this player will have special health and fighting PVP buffs like increased attack etc. to help them fight off the other players. Kill the crown player to become the crown player.

The Kingdom of AliasterBLCK (Survival RP)
Survival PVP role-playing server where King AliasterBLCK rules with an iron fist and an enlarged heart. Rules such as peasants cannot wear any armor better than leather, can live in homes larger than 7x7x7 and only priests can handle the holy red crystals. Can you work your way up to be a noble? Do you have what it takes to defy the King?

A creative server will be rolled out in the next few days

Our biggest most exciting games are being developed and will be released in the next few months.

Hope to See You Soon!

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