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PPMC is an advanced custom Pixelmon Team based survival experience. Featuring, Shiny starters, integrated teams feature, claiming, weekly official tournaments, friendly staff, voting rewards.

Currently, each team has 3 people in charge. A leader, a co-leader, and an ace.
Within each team, you can rank up by completing tasks in game such catching certain Pokemon, or even defeating players from other teams

Each team has access to specific types they can use as well, and often battle against each other in tournaments and in ranking up their players.

Team Magma members use fire, ground, and steel types. This includes if a Pokemon's secondary type is one of these types, so they would be able to use pokemon like swampert.

Team Aqua has rock, grass, and of course, water types.

Team Galactic has dark, ghost, and dragon types.

Team Rocket has normal, poison, and psychic types.

Team Plasma has ice, electric, and fairy types.

Last, but not least, there is Team Skull with fighting, bug, and flying types.

These teams also compete in tournaments, held by the admins or the leaders, every few months. They battle it out for prizes for the whole team, and often the event doubles our player base because of all the competitors

Teams themselves are completely player run. They decide primarily who leads them and how players rank up and control nearly every aspect of their team

Server Discord: https://discord.gg/e3j26vq
Server Store: http://playpixelmonmc.buycraft.net/category/1214696
Join now! IP: mc.playpixelmon.org

You get $200 per vote.

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  • 2/100 Players
  • 1.12 Version
  • 95.3% Uptime
  • 46 minutes Last Ping
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