GoatCraft Reincarnated

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Hello! We're doing a new installment of GoatCraft for the new Minecraft 1.17 update!
---GoatCraft Reincarnated

What is GoatCraft?
GoatCraft is a whitelisted Minecraft server that comes back for most of Minecraft's biggest updates. If you like vanilla, survival, with a fresh and great community then you will love this server!

What are the requirements to join the server?
You must be 13 years or older to apply and must have discord. Those are the only requirements!

How do I apply to the whitelist?
We have a full google forms for you to apply to right here -> https://forms.gle/Pt9ZEKH68eya4j8u7
After you've finished applying, we'll contact your discord if you've been accepted. (This usually takes up to 24 hours to get a response back). Note, you will not be contacted if you are rejected.

What are the server rules?
- No griefing (Pranks that doesn't involve players lost of items are allowed.)
- No harassment.
- No inducing lag.
- No hacked clients.
- No cheating of any regard that'll give you an unfair advantage.
- No offensive speech.
- Don't beg for items.
- Be respectful.

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