True Hard Core [1.16.5] - MCMMO HARDCORE

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Tags: Anarchy Faction Hardcore Mcmmo PvP Survival


"The only TRUE multiplayer hardcore experience."

True Hard Core is unlike any other hardcore server out there, not only is it much more difficult, there is no offline grief prevention and deaths incur temporary bans. Not to mention that Bounties can be placed on other player's heads and killing others can result in a life bonus to yourself, so forming together into factions may be the only way to not just survive, but thrive!

Complete with many exciting and awesome plugins such as:

ExtraHardMode (Much harder gameplay mechanics and mobs)
LiteDeathBan (Ban on Death, anti-combat logging)
EliteBounty (Put bounties on other player's heads to encourage multiplayer gameplay)
Anti-Cheat (Looking out for hackers, dupers, bots and x-rayers to keep the game fair)
RandomTP (Randomly teleport around 10k blocks away through the command /rtp)
LevelledMobs (Harder mobs the further out you go)
DiscordSRV (Minecraft <> Discord Chat) [Discord Link:]
Votifier (Voting for the server gives in-game rewards)
ChatControl (Prohibts swearing/cussing and keeps the server friendly and communal)

CURRENTLY UNRELEASED, join the discord for any updates:

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