Meloww's PokeRealm

Tags: Pixelmon

Meloww's PokeRealm is a Pixelmon server with a few side mods to keep it interesting. A few of them are: Future version, extra furniture like tv's, showers and mirrors, wondertrade, friend updates (when they catches pokemons etc.), griefprevention and an economy plugin.

At our spawn island we have different gyms, shopkeepers and it's made to be a good start for catching Pokemons. Everyday you can claim your daily kit to keep your playing experience fun. After having a look around the spawn you can warp to different places or use /rtp to random teleport to a location. from here on you can start building your home and claim it with the griefprevention plugin.

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  • 1.12.2 Version
  • 34.8% Uptime
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