Starlit Forest [Coming Out Soon!]

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Welcome to the Starlit Forest. This is a Warrior Cats roleplay server with a custom map, texture pack, models, and plugins. In this server, you’ll not only have the opportunity to roleplay as your original character in one of the 6 Clans in the forest (ThunderClan, WindClan, ShadowClan, RiverClan, SkyClan, and BloodClan) but to also live as if you were truly part of the warrior cats universe. You have the ability to gain skills as a warrior, train as an apprentice, be healed by your medicine cat, participate in battles, hunt prey that has custom ai AND server-unique models, and so much more!

Come join us amongst the stars in the Starlit Forest today!

The five Clans have lived in peace for ages, and SkyClan has finally become normal to Clan life. No one can remember a time when they weren’t side by side with the rest of the Clans by the lake.

But one Clan sticks out from the rest: BloodClan. Driven from their home along the twoleg allies, the BloodClan cats followed the Clans to their new home by the lake and found their home within a cave. The other Clans were wary at first, but some Clan cats became friends with the strangers. Not too long before Chapter One, a group of Clan cats who were unhappy with the new Clan decided to attack. However, BloodClan’s allies in the Clan overthrew them and either killed the cats of the rebellion or kicked out the surviving members.

Since then, things seem peaceful between the six Clans, but what happens when the roots of their foundation become unturned?

This server is not yet open, but is currently in beta testing. The server will likely be opened in 3 or less weeks, thanks to dedication from the community and staff combined!

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