Infinite Survival [PvE-Econ][McMMO]

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Tags: Economy Mcmmo PvE Survival

Infinite Survival is a 1.18 community-economy driven no-grief PVE server, with a 1.18 world. A warm welcome to anyone thinking of joining our community.

Our main world has default generation and Dynmap coverage, the world is a circle with a 90,000 block diameter.

The server offers an extensive ranking system that offers unique perks, more homes, and more jobs. Jobs are the main way of earning income on the server, paired with player-shops and the admin-shop. There also more minor economy related features, such as a lottery, auction house, mob/ore dropped coins, vote rewards, crates and Cluescroll rewards.

Some other features to note are McMMO, No Phantom Spawns, Silk Spawners, Locks and Land Claims.


Est: January 2019

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