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Welcome to SpacePrison, the best prison & community experience in the world

We strive to be a top prison server. We always put the community, and the player first. If the community wants something changed, we change it. If they want something added, we add it. The player feeling at home is our goal.

We don't want to treat this as a Minecraft server. Rather an independent game, with weekly updates. Our community will always come first, always, meaning we are openly looking for suggestions. Post any and all ideas or changes you want to see make it into the live server in our discord and I'll review them every week.

As the server begins, one of the ways we want to give back to the players is Payouts. This means every other week we Pay players for simply being the best at the game. This is our Competitive Cell Top Competition. If you're not a competitive person that's perfectly okay too. We're going to add random ways to earn real rewards while playing, that aren't based off stats, and instead at random.

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