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Tags: BedWars Cracked Economy Mcmmo PvP Skyblock Survival

Java:25565 | Bedrock:22784

PLAY NOW in BRUMICON's very own Minecraft server, playable on all platforms, on any version, with Java and Bedrock combined, on one of the largest BungeeCord networks of any Philippines server. From your mobile device to your gaming console, to your desktop computer; join our family in building your dream project together and get your build showcased on our Youtube channel 😊

Experience unique gameplay with our new and exclusive BOUNTY system in our 'Survival' server not seen anywhere else. We have created an environment that automatically rewards ‘good’ players, and discourages ‘bad’ players. This experience not only encourages fair play by all players but also opens a wide range of other facets as well. Players can work their way up to eventually earn the special commands and join our elite team of Peace Officers, that can add or remove bounties, and make the world a better place. And this is just the beginning!

Feel like a little harder challenge? Then join our exclusive Skyblock server for an additional challenge. Want to blow off some steam? Then join one of our four Paintball arenas and choose your preferred weapon to rack up points for your team. Or hit one of our many mini-games and quests that change weekly.

Lastly, we believe every player's experience with Minecraft will be different. So, to accommodate our players, every player will have the opportunity to work up and earn their own unique world on our server, where players can make however they want, with whatever rules they want, and can invite whoever they want to join them. So, if a player wants a custom PVP world where all their friends can battle it out, they are free to build this world. Or, if a player wants to have an entire Creative-Mode world to himself to explore and practice his building skill, they are free to do so. Each player's world will become a permanent part of our server network and can be enjoyed by any player, on any platform, in any version.

THIS is what makes our Minecraft server a better playing experience than all the rest. But don't take our word for it. Join us and we will see you there!

We have a discord server where you can interact with our friendly gaming community. Join us at

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