FraggleCraft - SMP/Prison

Tags: Creative Dungeons Economy Mcmmo Minigames Parkour Pets Prison PvE Roleplay Survival

** 1.9 - 1.19.x Support**
* 6 Years Running *
*Bedrock + Java Support!!*

=== 1.19.2 SMP Features ===
Join us on a journey filled with excitement and wonder in our Minecraft server! With features like customizable pets, unique custom mobs, survival multiplayer, amazing cosmetics, custom furniture, a thriving economy, and personal player plots, your gaming experience will be taken to a whole new level. Create your own story, build your own world, and make lasting memories with our incredible community. Don't miss out on this opportunity to unleash your creativity and join us now!

=== Prison Features ===
- Infinite rank-up system so you'll never reach a limit!
- Custom Mob Arena with upgradeable classes!
- Extensive custom Farming, with the best product around!
- Extremely diverse custom Fishing!
- Blacksmithing and Node Mining for your very own custom tools!
- Extensive custom enchants that can be improved multiple ways!
- Passive income capability through our Auto-Miner system!
- A balanced economy system, including an Auction House!

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  • 14/1,000 Players
  • 1.19.2 Version
  • 100% Uptime
  • 13 hours Last Ping
  • 44 Votes

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