TumbleweedMC KitPVP Manhunt Survival

Tags: Economy KitPVP Manhunt Mcmmo Prison PvP Survival

KitPVP | ManHunt | Survival Eco w/ Land Claims | WildWest - Newly launched network featuring a survival prison hybrid server. Normal survival world with plugins like McMMO and a custom land claim plugin. With prison server features such as the server mines & rankup perks. Beyond the survival gamemode, we also have an RPG gun gamemode inspired by RDR2 & GTA Online. We also have other gamemodes such as Skyblock and KitPVP in development and releasing soon! Seeya there!

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  • 31/2,023 Players
  • 1.20 Version
  • 98.9% Uptime
  • 21 hours Last Ping
  • 74 Votes

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