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🌠 Server IP: play.celestialmc.org 🌠
🌟 Who are we? 🌟
CelestialCraft is a new Minecraft server that focuses on the player's gameplay experience, respects their feedback, and gives them the most priority! If you're looking for a new, relatively peaceful server to play on, you'll love this place!

🌀 Why us? 🌀
🌟 We just launched on Sept 1st! If you're looking for a new community to join, this is for you!

💸 We're a non-P2W server, and never will be! All donation ranks grant purely cosmetic perks and benefits!

😄 Friendly staff and community! We encourage all of our players and staff members to be as friendly as possible!

💰 A realistic, dynamic economy. The server has a finite amount of money to distribute between players. That amount increases dynamically as the server grows and prospers! Simply put, anything you do in the economy has a direct impact on everyone else!

🏴‍☠️ A special Black Market, where you can get rare and powerful items, but with a little twist!

👻 A customized Graveyard! If you're tired of dying constantly and losing all your items, fear no more! With our graveyard system, you can easily collect all your lost items in a flash! Just go to /warp graves the moment you die, and you'll find most of your items collected!

💪 A well-thought-out, balanced, and progressive ranking system, with each rank containing a specific set of perks, custom enchantments for each rank, and more! Join our server now and check it out with /ranks.

✨ A custom enchanting system, which uses in-game money instead of XP and lapis! Come check it out with /ve!

⚔️ A fully custom Mob Arena, where you can fight hordes of mobs and bosses, buy upgrades for yourself using special coins dropped in the arena, revive your fallen teammates, and so much more! You can join the arena by doing /ma join. Pick a kit first!

⚔️ Custom mobs, drops, and armor sets! We've got an exciting set of custom mobs, all of which live in a different realm from the primary worlds! Each mob drops a special item, which, with enough work, can be combined to create 3 Separate Custom Sets, with each set having special abilities, downsides, and upsides!

⏲️ Bi-Monthly Updates. The server is always getting updates and new content to keep you hooked! The updates happen almost twice a month!

➕ And so, so much more! An auction house, player warps, dueling system, chest shops, quests, claims, player-made guilds, and the list goes on!

What are you waiting for? Join our server and start your journey today!

🌠 Server IP: play.celestialmc.org 🌠
🌠 Bedrock Port: 19132 🌠
🌠 Discord Link: https://discord.gg/zFMPKMwc7n 🌠

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