Minecraft Server


MineQraft is a semi-vanilla anarchy server running on version 1.16.3. Everything is kept as vanilla as possible, which means that there are no game changing plugins installed on the server side.

Now, anarchy in this case simply means no rules to restrict how players would like to play the game. This means that players can choose to be nice, evil, or anything in between. Client mods are also allowed.

How to join?

Hostname/IP: mineqraft.qub1.com

Port: 25565

Discord: https://discord.gg/XN7wjm7

Website: https://mineqraft.qub1.com


Client-side mods are allowed
PvP is allowed
Flying is allowed
Difficulty is set to hard
No items/blocks/mobs banned
No world resets
No bans (except in extreme circumstances, such as when breaking real-world laws)
Java/Bedrock crossplay
Weekly updates
Discord server


When it comes to rules, we only enforce the bare necessities to keep players safe and the server running:

Don't break real-world laws
No doxing
No harm to or attacks on the physical server
Everything else is fair game. This list may change later if we feel that it is necessary to protect players, but we will strife not to ban any in-game behavior.

If you have any questions or suggestions feel free to send me a PM or try the Discord server.

~ Cheers

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