Llamaland - Exploration Edition 2022

Tags: Economy Survival Towny

Welcome to llamaland.net!

Semi-vanilla server based in Sydney Australia.

All plugins are completely custom & under active development.

# World map & compass
Use a compass to teleport back to spawn. Click the world map to travel anywhere. The map updates frequently to show off your builds. Remember locations by using a compass on a cartography table.

# Shops
Use shop chests to trade items & make money. Shops have analytics to show who bought/sold when.

# Towns
Create towns and plots to protect your items and builds. Towns are large, plots are small. Plots with the same price are sold together. Plots can be sold between residents.

Towns have taxes to kick inactive folk.

Change permissions by clicking buttons!

PVP can be enabled in towns and plots.

# Misc
XP can be bottled with glass bottles on enchanting tables.

Borders command can show plot, chunk & town borders.

Custom enchants like Soul Bound will keep that item on death.

All mods are server side!

Extensive /help pages!

Fun and friendly!

Automatic vote rewards!

Vote for this server!

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  • 1.18.1 Version
  • 95.7% Uptime
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