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Piper. A lot of work has been done for your gameplay
enjoyment and freedom. This server is light
years away from vanilla. There are no ViP ranks. Build and claim anywhere, personal claims
team ones like shared personal, towny, factions.
Total freedom ranks. Amazing plugins.
Easy ranks. Easy Staff. Easy server.
Joining and leveling jobs here teaches 100s
of unique skills or passive stuff. Industrial bliss.
Creative freedom.
Optional PvP.
Enhanced Survival.
Online Maps.
OP Pets.
Magic, lots!
OP effects. Join us. 51 plugins. Latest Piper Spigot. 1.10.2
GroupManager, FastCraftPlus, CoreProtect, dynmap, WorldEdit,
UnlimitedRecipes, ClearLag, WorldBorder, Votifier, Multiverse-Core,
ProtocolLib, Zenchantments, mcMMO, GAListener, Vault, MassiveCore,
GiantTrees, PerWorldInventory, LWC, HolographicDisplays, WorldGuard,
SignLogger, RandomTeleport, PlayerVaults, MagicSpells,
Essentials, Autorank, Towny, Jobs, PreciousStones, EssentialsChat,
MyPreciousStone, ChestShop, Dynmap-Essentials, Factions,
EssentialsProtect, EssentialsGeoIP, EssentialsAntiBuild,
EssentialsSpawn, MyPet, SilkSpawners, CS-CoreLib, Slimefun, Barrels,
SlimefunGuidePlus, ExoticGarden, SoulJars, SlimefunOres, SlimeScrap

▪ Survival, Creative, Industry, Magic, PvP, Economy,Freebuild

▪ All ranks can place and pick up all spawner types.
▪ Spawners and many egg types can be sold or bought at admin shop.

▪ Over 1000 spells loaded 450 custom items.
▪ Automatically granted, learn, unlock with
▪ jobs many of them, or buy.
▪ Spells normally have required costs,
▪ cooldowns and other world variables.

▪ All can join or make a town. Please join one.
▪ You also have various personal claims.
▪ If you intend to add people to your protections
▪ you might as well just use Towny for those.

▪ Raiding faction claims is only possible if the
▪ faction has not also protected the claim with
▪ a PreciousStone.

▪ Ranks are automatic via time, cash, items or events.
▪ 15 player ranks. (Autorank) Various things in the world
▪ and votes can add bonus time to your game played.
▪ /ar check or /rankup

▪ 700+ items including a bunch of 1.10 SF Addons.
▪ No items are disabled. Check plugins list below.
▪ ENJOY SLIMEFUN. Exp supply on overload dynamism!

▪ 8 jobs 100s of paid events. The most gigawatts jobs ever made?
▪ Pays PLAYER EXP which can be sold via signs. The ratio is
▪ just a bit better than the standard payments and yet ultra fast.
▪ We added 14 custom smelts to the 100s of paid events for jobs.
▪ Jobs here grants a very different gameplay. Infused with magic.
▪ jobs pay player exp lots. Sell exp for cash at admin shop.
▪ jobs unlocks many unique skills and permissions. Jobs or fail.
▪ Massive Exp. /jobs join jobname /jobs browse /jobs stats

▪ Every player starts with a max of 10 personal
▪ claim stones with an increasing radius on each.
▪ Ranks increase size, type, effects and options
▪ for our 30+ Precious Stones type claims. /ps info
▪ /myps list shows all claims you own. Indexed list.
▪ /myps tp id (id is the index number of that claim)
▪ This means all your claim stones should be placed
▪ carefully as you can all use them as personal warps.
▪ SNEAK place all claims. You can reuse them by breaking and
▪ sneak place again elsewhere. You can also upgrade them or
▪ merge them with other claims to make bigger claims.
▪ Protecting Slimefun blocks? Use your personal claims.
▪ In those areas your machine inventories are safe.

▪ Alchemy with hoppers, Earn skill exp near spawners,
▪ Archane Forging Bypass all on.

▪ 90+ custom enchantments applied automatically
▪ via standard enchanting. Mad enchantments.

▪ PlayerVaults and /enderchest is accessed from
▪ the start. /pv 1+2 starter rank. You can also
▪ use the many backpacks that Slimefun comes with.
▪ Your pets at unlock 6 rows of inventory.
▪ Unlimited LWC protections.

▪ Dynmap 6 maps. low to high res.
▪ Please observe polite use of our Dynmap chat.
▪ /dynmap hide (You can. Do so for privacy if want.)
▪ /dynmap show (Unhide yourself on the Dynmap.)
▪ Invisibility potions can hide also.

▪ Piper 32000x32000 Circular border. Surface med res. Caves low.
▪ Piper End 4500x4500 Circular border. Surface low res.
▪ Piper Nether 4500x4500 Circular border. Cave low res.
▪ Build Creative 3000x3000 Circular border. High res. Caves low.
▪ /motd map

▪ Anyone can /c worlds to open up a chest type interface.
▪ Many biome warps or do /rtp every 30 sec all worlds.
▪ Many speed options. /warp. Enjoy SF Elytra rocket speed.

▪ Massive freedom ecconomy options. Megamonies.
▪ There is absolutely no attempts to limit how much money
▪ you can make on this server. /sell hand/all nearly all
▪ minecraft items where those items are not your diamond gear, bows,
▪ slimefun items and other /worth items. You can still sell these
▪ items manually in our massive admin shop. Prices are decent
▪ and shops have matching /worth values. Sell Exp!

▪ Pet V Pet with our custom skilltree OP pets. "Evolution"
▪ They learn inventories, automatic item pickup, ride ability
▪ various behaviour modes, beacon buffs, defend you in PvE
▪ and more. No dragons! Ride any mob type. /Mypet

▪ Keep your chat, conduct and gameplay within
▪ standard public server common sense rules.
▪ Just check the /rules in game, thanks.
▪ 🙈 🙉 🙊

▪ all can /co i (enter inspect mode.)
▪ /co i (again to exit inspect mode.)
▪ While inspecting you can see who
▪ placed, broke, accessed, updated
▪ or used any block that has a log.
▪ Quite complex and specifically target rolbacks
▪ can be done by ALL members using /c menurollback.
▪ Has a cooldown. Several modes. Enjoy.
▪ Precious Stones entry, use without permission
▪ and other blockplace/break/use alerts are on.
▪ Always protect your builds. Many claim types.
▪ Raiding is permitted in the End if you allow it.

▪ Please watch any animated holograms you see!
▪ These most often provide alot more help.
▪ /help is permissions based actual help.
▪ Not a book or command alias dodge.
▪ Your /help shows you what new commands
▪ are available to you when you /rankup.
▪ Spells and items most of them have some
▪ kind of tooltip info or text help.

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