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Welcome to a brand new Voltz server! Voltainion is a newly completed server, but no server is fully complete without members to join it! So that’s where YOU come in, if you are looking for a small growing community of fellow Voltz players like you, then you have come to the right place my friend! But you may be thinking, “Oh boy another voltz faction server, where is the risk?” well my friend, this isn’t any plain old factions server, in this server you must use the resources in the Voltz mod to protect your base! You can build a force field, or set up some machine gun turrets, or if you want the big guns, go for the laser turrets instead! This server allows the FREEDOM of raiding to its fullest potential build amazing bombs to destroy your enemy’s base, but be careful; you are just as vulnerable as the big guys. But that isn’t the best part, there are NO BANNED ITEMS, that’s right you can feel free to build any bomb, any device anything you want without the fear of it being banned you have the power! But that isn’t the only plugin that this server has to offer! We have plugins that allow you to kill mobs and earn money as you kill more mobs! But what good is there money if you can’t spend it; fear not for Voltainion has a great shop with a wide verity of different items from the game that you can purchase to build your wonderful base! Keep in mind that we are a growing community of Voltz players and we still have many things planned for the future, so come on down and join us!

Want to join the Voltainion staff list!? We are currently requiring for staff positions and you may be the one! Just come on and ask any of the following staff members for more information!

Staff list:
ProMorzy: Owner
Nooby: Administrator
Vitu: Administrator
Life_Defying: Administrator
Immortal: Moderator
YOUR NAME: Moderator

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