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Welcome to Heisei Network. We are a Japanese themed server. With a friendly community and staff. The server currently has factions and skyblock, and runs the latest version of minecraft. The community is Discord based and staff is always available when you run into trouble. Go ahead and join today.

Our server is a Japanese themed server.

It is an amazing custom server, Join Today!

website: www.heiseinetwork.com

server: mc.heiseinetwork.com

discord: https://discord.gg/sVDrDuF

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Basic Rules
Heisei Values "free speech". we never ban for name or skin, and tolerate non "pc" jokes when they are warranted, but downright racism is not tollerated.

we perm ban cheaters with little room for appeal. we have advanced anti cheat (not a challenge), so please just don't cheat!

maximum of 2 alts online (per player) , and 3 in a faction (whole faction). also, no single player may own two factions. we will disband factions who break these rules repeatedly (more than once).

have fun! raiding is of course allowed and encouraged in factions, but not tolerated in Skyblock.

What makes us "different" than the rest?
custom mobs, bosses, and experiences.

dedicated staff.

fast server.

community activities, monthly boss fights and quests/ challenges, and a sky-block experience similar to the big boy servers.


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  • 1.16.5 Version
  • 50.4% Uptime
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