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Blockface is a brand new Creative Minecraft community. It's aimed for people who's trying to find a place where they can just Chill and talk or build without getting interrupted.

Quite old and experienced, we're actually founded back then in 2012 but the server itself have been relaunched several time over the years. (About us)

See our Getting Started guide. Don't forget to read our Rules.

Our Worlds

Flat Plot World

Large 125x125 Plots (You get one upon joining but you can request to claim more plots later). Plots are mergeable to up to 1000x1000.
Archived world

Sometimes we put our old maps online - back from 2011-2017 for people to see.


Dead Simple Rank system.
Custom plugins, We have a few custom plugins in place and most plugins are heavily configured to suits our need.
Large 125 x 125 merge able plots
Huge database of Microblocks/heads
WorldEdit (Free without voting with some limited features)
Building tools: Armor Stand GUI/BannerMaker GUI
Free Rank upgrade
Shop and Coins. We have a Coin economy system in which you can earn coin by voting/just being online (Free coins at hourly rate). You can get more permission at the /shop
Regular Update (We make changes/adjustment regularly to keep improving the server!)

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