★The Tempest ★ Factions ★ $1000 F-TOP ★


The Tempest is proud to present our brand-new factions server! Our first season will last a thrilling two weeks in which players will battle it out to put their faction on top.Can you make it to the top? Get your faction together and be ready to grind and claim the cash prizes this season!PAYOUTS ARE AS FOLLOWS:(FTOP $1,000+!)1st place $250 USD PayPal and $250 Buycraft2nd place $125 USD PayPal and $125 Buycraft3rd place $75 USD PayPal and $75 Buycraft4th place $50 USD PayPal and $50 Buycraft5th place $25 USD PayPal and $25 BuycraftUNIQUE TEMPEST FEATURESUNIQUE SERVER!In order to ensure the best experience for our players, we have created a truly intricate and unique server. Factions will feature custom enchants, custom fishing, upgradable hoes, axes,and tools an entirely new and optimized custom cannon jar!TEMPEST TOKENS!Players will be able to earn Tempest Tokens through voting and special events. Tokens can then be exchanged for gift cards!MAP DETAILS4 Maps (3,000 x 3,000 Each)15 Members Per Factions3 Second Cannoning20 Chunk BufferCane & Spawner Economy

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