🔹Welcome to Carpour🔹

🌀Carpour is a Minecraft Multiplayer Server that brings fun and excitement all away from Morocco to your homes.
⭐Our server has some famous or in other words well known gamemodes, which are 'Factions' and 'Survival'.
More will come for sure!
⭐We offer the best gaming experience for all players, no matter where you are!
⭐Also as any other server we offer a cheap paid rank to keep the server up and running and encouraging us to make more fun stuff for you!
⭐This server is not "Pay to Win". If you feel like that, please feel free to contact us about it!
⭐Our staff are always Online 24/7 to assist you in any issue that your in!
⭐If you're wondering why we choose the name "Carpour" as our Server name. Simply it camed out from the mob 'Creeper'.
⭐We hope that you have a great experience with us and be sure to Have Fun :D

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  • 5/200 Players
  • 1.16 Version
  • 100% Uptime
  • 9 hours Last Ping
  • 223 Votes

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