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Always wanted to be able running your own server without having to spend a single penny?
Well you're in luck!
On CubedCraft you have the chance to create your personal server with a range and 20 playerslots!

In the lobby to start your adventure on your personal server use the command "/create (Name)" in the lobby!
After this you can use the emerald found in your inventory to join your own server. Or either by doing "/join own".
Other players their servers can be found in the server selector in the lobby. Or "/join (server-name)" can be used.

Plugins can be installed by using the "/control" command while on your playerserver.
You can also change the settings in the control pannel. And so can you change some settings on the website found at in the "Dashboard".

We even have a functional console for you to enjoy on our website
Here you can also find our custom made FileManager. You can find these two things at "My Server".

Kingdoms 1.8.+
We all know what factions is lets face it.
Kingdoms is somewhat different to factions seeing the features we provide on here.

Examples of these are you having to not just protect your land and base but especially the heart of your kingdom.
Otherwise known as your core.

With the core you can do things such as managing members within your kingdom.
But you can also provide upgrades to expand the kingdom with members or upgrading the health of your core.
While your core is standing so are your claims. Your claims will be gone once your core is destroyed by an enemy.

Who will you trust?
Who will you slay?
Start your kingdom today!

Warzone Minigame - 1.8+
Our custom minigame named Warzone is a gamemode where two teams "red" and "blue" fight eachother to the death to be the victors.
The objective is to destroy all the wool of the enemy.
We also have a range of kits that you are able with the coins you earn from either destroying the wool of the enemy or killing enemies in your way!
Kits and maps are frequently updated and we are open for suggestions!

TNT-Wars Minigame - 1.8+
On our custom coded TNT-Wars you can build your own unique TNT-cannons. From shotguns to missles do what you are best at!
Blow the enemies up to pieces so they won't see sunlight any time soon anymore!
The first team that reaches 15 kills is the winner!

Xrun - 1.8+
On our custom coded game you can race like you've never seen before!
With our range of maps you'll never get tired of this fun minigame!
Knock eachother off to be the winner and try to get your greatest possible time!

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