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Welcome to Catcraft!

CatCraft is a survival Minecraft server that aims to be one of the very best, without being overly complicated. Our goal is to provide players with a friendly community, that is very accessible for new players, as everyone is willing to help each other learn and grow. We aim to keep the survival experience fresh with simple, engaging, and entertaining updates for everyone.

Key Features:

➤ Survival SMP+ on the latest version of minecraft.

➤ Instant tree chopping, and support for veinmining ores.

➤ Fully player driven economy (currency being in diamonds).

➤ An awesome market alley full off player-shops.

➤ Overworld and Nether biome selectors.

➤ Never resetting overworld.

➤ Grief protection and active, mature and friendly staff from different timezones around the world.

➤ Beautiful and mind-blowing builds.

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  • 27/28 Players
  • 1.16.4 Version
  • 98.7% Uptime
  • 5 minutes Last Ping
  • 352 Votes

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