1.20 Anarchy Server like 2b2t - AVAS

Tags: Anarchy Survival Vanilla

AVAS stands for Absolute Vanilla Anarchy Survival. The server tries to get as close to the vanilla Minecraft experience as possible, with no moderation and minimal modification. Hacking, griefing, and exploiting are all allowed and encouraged.

The server will update to the latest versions when they are available but is still accessible from clients back to 1.9. All the features available in the vanilla version are also available on the server. We do not fix vanilla bugs and exploits if they are in the current version of the game and do not affect the stability of the server. We do not punish for using cheats and griefing. Our plugins are only used for server maintenance.

Server features:
- Complete freedom to use the flight and movement modules, unlike most other anarchy servers.
- Unique dupe system. When you vote for AVAS, you get points which can be used to dupe a held item stack.
- Active Discord community with lots of "friendly" players.
- No "Pay to win". Donors receive only cosmetics that do not affect gameplay.

Server limitations:
- Movement speed is limited to 40 blocks per second in the Overworld and 36 blocks per second in the Nether Roof to avoid filling up server disk space and lagging the server when moving fast.
- You cannot destroy indestructible blocks. We want the end open and bedrock out of circulation since those things are not vanilla.
- Written book size is limited to mitigate book bans.
- VPN use is prohibited for non-donors.

If you want to build a big base, blow up someone else's base, create your own empire or kill new players, create map-art or just be a toxic person, try avas.cc.

The server version is 1.20.2, however you can play on clients as far back as 1.9. Please note that when playing on clients running versions earlier than 1.17, world height may not work properly.

Map: October 2020
Website: https://avas.cc/
Discord: https://avas.cc/discord
Reddit: https://www.reddit.com/r/AVAS/
Wiki: https://avas.wiki/

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  • 11/1 Players
  • 1.20.1 Version
  • 96.8% Uptime
  • 9 hours Last Ping
  • 254 Votes

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