PixelStar: Kanto Edition

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Pixelstar - Kanto Edition!

Fully Playable minecraft kanto map with gym leaders, side story, events, survival and more!

We have areas dedicated to those who beat the pokemon league!

Ev Center - Our server contains an ev training center that's absolutely easy to use!
The Ev Center has 3 floors with rooms marked to train specific evs against trainers you can rebattle over and over. Each floor provides a different amount of ev's for trainers so you can pinpoint how many iv's you want to train precisely!

Champions Cave - We provide an area for champions to battle trainers to gain exp. Gone, are the days of battling wild rattatas and gaining little to no exp!

We provide SHINY STARTERS! We've limited the starters to the traditional kanto starters including pikachu and eevee (yes, you can get a shiny eevee!) Since we've removed the other starters, we repurposed the original Safari Zone to a champion only area where wild starters from most gens spawn!

Events are frequent and we plan on doing a lot for you guys! Choose how you want to play your adventure through the same adventure you grew up on but brought to life in an entirely new and fun way!

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