Zombie apocalypse From the ashes

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Zombie Apocalypse: From the ashes [PVP] {Towny} {Guns} {Vehicles} {Karma System}
Zombie Apocalypse is set in a world after a nuclear holocaust. The world was devastated by nuclear detonation aimed to wipe out the pandemic that caused the deaths of billions of people and the rise of the undead.

Guns- Guns can be crafted by gathering necessary resources from around the world.

Map- The map is a sprawling metropolis with sewer systems skyscrapers countless different building types and more!

PVP- PVP is allowed along with raiding players are given many tools to raid including custom guns and explosives

Zombies- zombies have the ability to break blocks as well as build using their own corpses to get to players by any means necessary.

Food- Food is a huge part of daily survival starvation occurs rapidly in the apocalypse forcing players to settle quickly and begin their farming process to help prolong their lifespans the growing of food is a challenge that rivals even the swarms of enemies as food growth has been lessened making food harder to grow with less chance of each plant successfully living along with the ability to only grow in direct sunlight making indoor and below ground farms unable to sustain a factions food needs

Extras- The server boasts a karma system allowing players to acquire negative and positive karma pushing them towards either end of a scale that rewards the player with ranks and special skills/perks.

Radiation- Radiation has covered the world making it difficult to live above or below a certain Y coordinate

Resource pack- Our server uses a custom resource pack to maximize players apocalyptic experience including gun textures and weapon textures

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