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Keep Item On Death Until April 15th 2020 - This is to help new players start fresh on our server! MajesticMC Survival is a minecraft server that allows world wide PVP! You can claim some land to protect your belongings from theives and bandits. Create or join a Clan and fight along side eachother or take on the ALMIGHTY ENDER DRAGON! BEWARE: Mobs have special abilities and are not your average minecraft mobs. The ender dragon has been beefed up and very powerful and may require a group to kill it. Get daily rewards every 24hrs from the reward giver to help grow thru-out your time playing. Crates to stock up and get lucky. Various NPC's around spawn to access for a exciting adventure. Gain custom enchants to better assist you with the new styles of mobs. We would like to mention we are a friendly server for all! So come join us and starrt your adventure here. Please read all the rules before joining in the forum or /rules upon entering the game. Come play Minecraft the way it was meant to be played!

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