Void Prison

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Why should you join Void Prison? Well Void Prison has been a OP Prison
server that has been built block by block for about a year now and every
single mine from A-Z are greatly built with uniqueness and creativity
to make players feel as if they are playing on the best quality server.
Void Prison has been a project for a long time, we have had ups and
downs but we still made it through all the trouble to get here. Void
Prison isn't just any ordinary prison server, Void Prison is a great
community with great staffs and is looking to grow and climb the
ladders, we provide players with great builds, custom configurations and
many more! We are a Prison server which will hopefully win players
hearts and loyalty to dedicate their time onto our server so that we can
have a great time and enjoy Void Prison. Void Prison was such a big
project, a friend of mine(AKA iStyleFusion) started this project about a
year ago, we built spawn and had great builders help us with everthing
else, meanwhile I on the other hand helped configure/setup everything
for the server. Although due to the builds and time we started having
rough issues with the real world and had to shut Void Prison down,
although I never gave up, I kept working and working on the server
everyday because i knew one day, this server will be accomplished and
opened to the world for everyone to see what we have started and
finished. Void Prison was man made by simply 5 players, and in the end
only I was the one who had finished the server and will greatly
appreciate all you players to join and have fun on Void Prison.
For more information on Void Prison visit these links:
Or simply join our server at :
Website: http://thevoidprison.tk
Donation Website: http://thevoidprisonmc.minecraftmarket.com

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