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Server Version: PaperSpigot 1.14.4
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Hello and welcome to our nations sever based on the townyadvanced plugin. The server is set in the medieval times of Europe (very pretty map of Europe with hand built roads). We allow our players to create towns, expand them and build medieval cities in peace or ally with other towns to create nations. Using towny flagwar, you can attack other nations to capture their land. Blast through their walls with our cannon plugin an slay them with a variety of our custom weapons - each having a different texture, no mods required!
View your builds on dynmap, breed horses using our custom plugin, create moving gates, craft one of our custom armor sets(each having own stats such as parry or block chance) and conquer medieval Europe!
To enable custom textures, please use Optifine with the latest version of the Conquest Resource pack :)
Our Rules:
Don't hack.
You see this one is pretty simple, just don't do it. Really, don't, it's bad for everyone and you'll get bonked by the bonkhammer.
2. Don't abuse bugs.
This might be a little confusing. If you happen to STUMBLE across a bug and you do it by accident, report it to one of the big bois, being Grokky or sgt. Don't keep doing it or you'll get BONKED. Be a good dude, report it.
3. Don't try and grief someone while they're offline.
Doing this just against the rules. Don't offline grief. Do it while they're on and all is good and sweet. Although prevented by our custom plguins, still dont do it.
4. Respect staff authority.
Hey, we're just here to give everyone a good time, yeah? We're just tryna make a go smoooooth, like soft-scoop icecream; enjoyed by everyone. Respect us because of the implication...You know...The bonk one.
This one goes a bit deeper. You wanna be shouting the N-word? If staff asks you to stop, you stop...We don't wanna go back to the... implication do we?
Just general battling rules
Don't nerdpole.
You see, this is bad, makes everyone feel bad, looks ugly and most of all...Makes me feel bad...You wouldn't want that would you?
2. Spies.
These are allowed however, they’re not be used to grief or steal. Purely information gathering
3. Alts.
Alts are cool, I like alts, alts are fun...But they're not allowed because you can abuse land with them or make towns for quick TPs etc...You know you don't wanna do that :(
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