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The Lord of the Craft is the worlds largest and number one dedicated roleplay Minecraft server. With over 40,000 registered members and almost 780 thousand posts on our forums, we strive to create the most entertaining and epic experience possible.

The actions of the players, determine the future and write the history of our world. You can play what you want to play - a blacksmith, a soldier or a hunter. A banker, a shopkeeper or a fletcher. It's your decision.

Our extensive and unique plugin setup features heaps of custom plugins which we use to ensure you have the ultimate experience. There's such a wide variety of different functions that we offer in-game, you are guaranteed to find something you enjoy!

The Lord of the Craft is managed by numerous staff teams, all with one goal: to provide you with the best Minecraft experience possible. The server is operated via a whitelist, in order to ensure you understand the rules, lore and how to roleplay before you beginning. We offer extensive assistance to our applicants and players via guides and members of staff dedicated to improving their experience.

What are you waiting for? There's much to discover!

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Lore Introduction
With the Realm of Asulon destroyed by a brutal storm, the survivors fled to a new realm - Anthos. With the assistance of the Monks of the Cloud Temple, they flourished in their new lands - building great cities, making new friendships and changing the face of the world. And they're still there today...

The Cloud Temple - the monk temple - lies on the Western Shore of Anthos, sheathed in beauty and song. The monks cast enchantments on the land so that it is protected from undue harm, and to provide it to the groups whom deserve it.

The Races of Asulon are all cursed by Iblees - the humans with a mortal life, the elves with infertility, the orcs with bloodlust and the dwarves with greed. These curses cause great conflicts between the races, and sometimes lead to terrible events occurring...

Our community has developed since the server began and is filled with people who love roleplaying. Our staff are professional and socialise with the players via the many channels we offer.

In-game we provide a Global Out-of-Character channel where players can communicate with other players throughout the world. Our forums offer a huge array of areas for many different topics of discussion - as well as a 'Status' system and a profile/buddy/comment system as well. We run a TeamSpeak server where our player-base speaks with other members, and we also have a wide Skype network of chats which our players make and talk in.

Head on over to our TeamSpeak right now, and you can speak with a GM! Simply click here. Or you can head on over to our forums and integrate with the community.

Head over to our YouTube for videos of the server!

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