Corecraft PVP 1.7.2 - 1.7.9

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Corecraft is a popular PVP server made by Tango, it was created somewhere near June.
The first 2 months were really good and we started gaining more and more players.
While there were 3 resets, the recent one was 3 months ago, and we gained 50000+ registered users.
Our donations ranks also offer an easier gameplay there, if you donate for one rank you get a warp named "Enchantshop".
There you can enchant anything, starting from a sword you can enchant to the maximum!
We also have a great spawn and a great PVP arena which offer some hardcode PVP.
We also have monthly drop parties, same as weekly PVP tournaments.
PVP Tournaments is a unique PVP fight with 10+ players fighting each other.
The winner of the PVP tournament gets a PvPer prefix and a kit from a donation rank.

Why should you stay on Corecraft?
We are a popular server, since we've got an update, players aren't coming, they are still getting used to it.
There are lots of plugins that will make you stay.
There are no OP bases that you can't raid, if you use creeper eggs or tnt you can easily blow up Obsidian!
We also try to track down players with out amazing staff.
The staff is always there to help you, if they are busy or they don't reply don't try to spam them, they will tell you to wait
or answer you and ask you what the problem is.
The rules are pretty simple, don't forget to read them on the board at spawn.

Why should you vote for us?
If you vote you get ingame cash and some spawner eggs for raid items at spawn
You can also be lucky and recieve VIP rank.
We could also be more popular with your votes!
Corecraft gets around 50+ registered users a day and they get on because of your votes!

Thank you for reading
-Corecraft Family.

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