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Minecraft Server

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Use that ip to join the hub!!!! once in the hub right click the compass and click on InfinityMC Or simply do /server Infinitymc

InfinityMC is a new pixelmon server Lag free we have 64 gb of ram to make sure you're experience here will be the best and lag free,
We're an economy survival server, keep inventory is on and server is set to peaceful so no need for food!
we also have mcmmo to make mining better then ever, every week we're gona allow mewtwo to spawn in extreme hills biome ^_^
we will also do events such as tournaments or Kill the bat! killing the bat will drop boss loot and a 25% chance of a masterball to drop.

Another feature that seperates us from all other survival servers is that we allow players to own their own horses! for fast transportation, you also have 2 set homes,
/sethome {home name} One of our main feauture is that you will receive random item drops and crate drops
Crates - Crates are chest that drop and you can open with keys to obtain awesome item rewards from pokeballs {Including Master Balls} to tm's potions and more.
As seen here [spoiler=Uncrating picture][/spoiler]
Crates look like this [spoiler=Crates][/spoiler]
You will need a key to open it as said before, keys and more items drop aswell as crates,
Keys look like this [spoiler=Keys][/spoiler]
The limit for items to drop per week is 32
The limit for crates to drop per week is 16
Yes we use the same item and crate drops Team fortress 2 uses :)
As of right now im not sure about the price for keys since you can uncrate really awesome loot :) for now the base price for keys in the server shop will be 250 Price will change once i figuere everything out and add more crates :) for now #1 series will drop and i will add more series every week.

Our economy is pretty fair and gives you a lot of options to make money, You earn 10$ for every minute online, you can cash in in the poke mart, Just look for a sign with ATM and stand on the pressure plate and it should pay you or right click the sign!
You can also sell mob drops ores and even vanilla items! from nametags to horse armor!

Currently we dont have any gym leaders since it's a new server but feel free to apply here.
If accepted you will be given 3 pokemon for your gym, you're allowed to add 3 rules to your gym, whether you ban a move or pokemon it's up to you.

[size=200]Server ip:[/size] When you join do /server infinitymc or go to the InfinityMC portal!
Website: http:Temp down, will be up soon!

Just a few pictures
[spoiler=Poke Center and Poke Mart][/spoiler]

Server rules
[1] Use common sense
[2] Be ethical
[3] No spamming on the server
[4] No caps lock in chat
[5] No advertising other servers
[6] No scamming in any way
[7] No cheating {including xray duping etc}
[8] No griefing/raiding
[9] Do not build close to someones home unless they give you permission
[10] No sexism
[11] No racism

Only apply in this format




Which Gym leader position do you prefer: Co-Leader or Leader?

Which Gym do you want to lead?

In 100 words or more why do you want to become a gym leader?

Put any extra information here:

Gym leader positions
Rock lvl cap {30} Open
Water lvl cap {35} Open
Electric lvl cap {40} Open
Grass lvl cap {45} Open
Poison lvl cap {50} Open
Psychic lvl cap {55} Open
Fire lvl cap {60} Gym leader : Open
Ground lvl cap {65} Open

Elite Four
Elite Four - Ice lvl cap {70}
Elite Four - Rock & Fighting lvl cap {70}
Elite Four - Ghost & Poison lvl cap {70}
Elite Four - Dragon lvl cap {70} Taken

You can not apply for Champion as you need to earn it!

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