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Welcome to Avatar Imperium, we're an avatar themed factions server with economy, we will do our best to give avatar fans who like factions a great time! We have a bending plugin that would sure make PVP more interesting!

Our spawn is the air temple from avatar the last airbender. Come, build a base and fight with your bending abilities.

The air temple is having a hard time finding food thanks to the fire nation, you could earn heaps of money selling farmables to the black market! (/warp blackmarket)

Now, what are you waiting for? Come and join the fun!

To make use of skylands use /warp skylands. You get a completely different inventory in the skylands world so everyone has the same chances on getting good even if theyre new in the normal world.

There is a paintball minigame, type /pb join to join the lobby and wait for a match and we have MobArena, type /ma join to play and win rewards!

We also have Faction Mobs, this plugin lets each faction have 20 mobs that fight against enemy mobs or enemy players. You can spawn them with an easy command and choose between 4 classes: Mage, Swordsman, Archer and Titan. This would be really awesome if you have a fortress, you can set guardposts with certain mobs that defend against infiltrating players.

Each mob requires a certain amount of power depending on the mob, you spawn one with /fm spawn classname. You can also color them and let them walk to certain places by right clicking them and typing /fm order patrol. Then they'll walk to your position.


Owner: HiddenCloud

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